Call for testimonials – Maison Merry


For Immediate Release

Former textile workers, Maison Merry wants to hear from you 

Magog, September 26 2017 – As part of its very first and temporary exhibition, la Maison Merry is currently preparing an exhibition on the history of the textile industry in Magog, through the eyes of the men and women who worked there. La Maison Merry, public-spirited commemorative site of Magog issues an appeal to all and hopes to hear from you in large numbers.

We are looking for photographs, films, objects or testimonies that reflect your everyday life, both at the factory and at home. Whether it is memories related to work, social life outside the factory, moments of your daily life, etc., we want to hear from you and give you the floor through this exhibition.

An exhibition which plunges visitors at the heart of the everyday life of the workers 

This two-year exhibition deals with the issues of working conditions, strike movements and trade unionism, as well as the daily lives of these men and women who have contributed to the development of the textile industry and marked the history of Magog. With this call to testimony, we also wish to reap and preserve your invaluable memories for future generations.


To respond to this appeal, please contact

Geneviève Dorion Bélisle

Chargée de projets Expositions, Action éducative et Événements

(819) 201-0727


About La Maison Merry. Public-spirited commemorative site of Magog

La Maison Merry is a public-spirited commemorative site which will open its doors to the public in 2018. Various exhibitions and activities, both playful and interactive, will be offered to visitors.

Property of the Town of Magog, the oldest urban house of Magog is managed by la Corporation de la maison Merry whose mandate is to develop and promote this new commemorative site for the benefit of the population of Magog and its visitors.